Weekly 2 for website

I have been adding more and more slides to my website. The one I am going to talk about is Snacks after school. They is a lot of choices to eat after school but why just have some popcorn or a sandwich when you could make something even more delicious, like a Apple sandwich. witch is pretty easy to make as well when you cut your apples all you have to add any thing in the middle of them like peanut butter or something like that with like raisins. You could make you favorite kind of trail mix. All you have to put your favorite snacks in one bowl together and trail mix right there. maybe you could put mnms with like peanuts or something like. My last one is going to be nachos. Nachos can be really easy to make, all you need is any kind of chips you like and any kind of cheese you like with it. Then put the cheese put the chips then melt them in a microwave for about one min. then take them out and add any thing you like on them like tacos meat or chopped up onions. That’s all I have for this weekly hoped you enjoyed.

Best Nachos Supreme Recipe- youtube

Best Nachos Supreme Recipe-youtube

Weekly Blog Number one

This week I have been learning more about cooking and baking just by finding new sites. This project is important to because I baked a lot when I was a little kid and still love to cook. My mom and dad told me when we are going to make any thing and I went to them right a way and I did not leave the kitchen tell we were done what ever we were cooking or baking. My favorite thing to cook was tacos for the family, my favorite thing to bake was just a cake or brownies. My goals for this project are get better at cooking or baking and make more and lots of more stuff. I want to cook for my whole family and make them like what I make. My first goal is well cook for my whole family, and also bake any thing for them to. That’s all I have to say for this week.

College Visit

The College I went to was simpsion. It was a pretty bid college and had music and arts. I was not expecting to go here but I do like to draw and do art some times but I am not that good at it and would love to learn more how to draw. The best part of the trip was seeing all of the big buildings and going inside to see what was in them. I might go there for college only for the art and drawing to learn and get better. I saw lots of buildings and not lots of people there though. you need academic courses in high school such as math, science, English, social science, and more. you also need success in arts curriculum and I think in music to. This is my second time visiting a college my first one is here in fort doge. I think it was fun going there and loved every thing we saw there. I don’t now what college to go to but any one that works for me. I will pick when I get bigger. I expect colleges to be more hard and be more challenging. and that’s all i got to say about my college visit.

Genius Hour Cooking

I am doing cooking because I like to cook a lot and i have doing it. I cook with my dad and mom a lot and they help me a lot if i have trouble cooking something. I have been trying to get better and better. I some time have to cook if my dad and mom are goon. I am probably the 3 best cook in my house. I love to cook i have fun doing it and sometimes have trouble with but not much. My favorite thing to cook is cheese dip for the family. I cook it when there is a game or something. My biggest meal I probably made was to make stake for every body. It was hard because you had to make them just right, and some of my family like pink. Ya nasty, but it was so hard for me but I did and every body was happy. I always make mac and cheese when i have to watch some one, and it is not hard at all and i put more cheese in it to make more cheeses. My favorite thing I ever mad was probably making tacos. there were so good and taste and that’s all i have to say

What I did over spring break

The very first weekend me and my friends hanged out a lot and played ps4 together a lot. After that weekend was over everbody had to go, me and another friend went to DC and the other two went to mail of america and we all had fun what we did. Me and my friend when to DC and went they for one week and lots of fun the only bad part was getting they and took day. We saw so much memorials they and took so many pics. I have over 200 hundred on my phone. We texted our other friends and told them if it was fun there and we stated texting how our trip was going to and sent some of our pics to them to. My  favorite thing there was probably going to all of the memorials. There was so much I could not count. When we were done there i took another day to get back and i could not count. Was so tired when we got back. I probably went to sleep on the bus at 3:oo, it was bad. when i got home i went bed and my other friends came back as well, so all of my friends were back and we went straight to our ps4 and played together.

Week 10

I wrote about 8 blogs for my this class and they all are pretty long except the first and second. I only have about two or three about school but I did all of them in class. I had to have a lot of help from the teacher because it was hard for me. I only have one comment from a teacher, I don’t now why from a teacher but I do. I don’t want really comments because I want people reading my post. My first blog was the only that was comment on and that was by a teacher. I think it was a teacher because she wanted to help me I think. My favorite post to write was the raise your voice because it talked about bulling and how to stop it. I did not change anything because I like how it is and would not want to change it. I am going to say five because I don’t how much i have but I think that’s not lot. I think I have my whole class  and I like to read all of them and like what to say about this week. I don’t now what I used because I hade my friend help me do that. That’s all I have to talk about this week for this blog.

The World Of Nature

Hi, I will be talking about nature and how great it is. Nature is one of the most important things on earth and will all ways be. The most important thing from nature are landscaps like lakes, mountains, and rivers stuff like that. I think the most thing that looks beautiful in nature are mountains, I don’t why I guess it just is for me because how big they are and just the look from them. I like the mountains that you could look at them from far away and just look at them and imagine that you could just climb it, I don’t now why i guess just love to think of crazy things like that. Now i will be talking about the animals in nature. Their is lots am kind of animals in nature and could not name all of them but My number one favorite animals is a grizzle bear. I have now idea if that counts but Its my favorite. The reason why its my favorite because number one it’s my favorite team and it’s so fluffy and so soft just like a blanket. It might be a mean some times but nature is not always perfect. The probably last one that is important is to me is trees and plants. I think that’s the last one that is important to me because well you we need trees to live. We need plants to sometimes to feed us and plants sometimes always look so amazing. Sometimes trees could the most beautiful thing in the world and the leaves look’s amazing because they change colors and a lot of other stuff but I could not name all of them, But the most amazing thing from them is the shape and size but that’s my opinion. That’s all I to say to this post and hope it is good

Reading Cool Kids Post

I visited Jerry’s post. I was reading some of is post and really fun to read. He has a post about his main food in china, it looks funny but looks really good to. I visited Cobi’s post. He really likes to play games, and favorite game to play is disney infinity. I visited Dylan’s post. His favorite thing to do on his free time is skating. Gabi’s post. I read his and i talks about really good food and sound really good to. I visited Daniel post. I was reading his post and it talks about games and favorite food. Steven’s post. Stevens favorite is this kind of noddle soup but we have a some kind of restaurants in town. Yu Dam post. He’s favorite time with his family is having picnic with them. Leo post. He likes to go to the beach with his family because it is hot. Max’s post. He likes to talk about his family and his house really big. Luke’s post. Luke’s likes to skate I think his favorite animal is a snake.

Popular Food In My Family

One of are favorite foods in our family is Pizza. Everybody in our family loves pizza we all ways have when we go to party´s and when we have a party we always have pizza. I have not meant one person who dose not like pizza or hate it. Our family´s favorite kind of pizza is, cheese because our hole family loves cheese and we put cheese on almost every thin like chips, tacos, burrito, fries, and cheese, okay but that on not true but you get the point we put it on any thing.  I now its not american food but we still love it. Now i will be talking about our second favorite food is hot wings. We just don´t like hot wing we love hot stuff like hot cheetos, hot sauce and I put that on every thing except cereal, but our favorite hot thing is hot wings. it is really messy but we will never stop eating it. We at least have hot wings almost ever week and go to B dubs almost ever month. Me and dad always get the hottest wings there and they are the 3 one. We don´t think the blazing is that hot that´s what people told us. That´s it for my blog this week, By.

My favorite time with my family

One my favorite and best times for me was going to 6 flags. It was so fun every body loved it. It was the funiest time every had. My hole family went my brothers, sisters, mom, and dad.  My favorite ride was the batman.  you would go under 3 loops I think but my dad was so scared of but we went 4 times in a row because nobody would go on it. My Brothers favorite ride was The Joker, it was not that fun but i was okay. All it was It went really high and went back and forth. It was like the one in adventureland when it keeps going back and forth. My sisters favorite ride was the ninja. It would heart you some times and go really fast. It would go up allot of hills and go done really fast and it would  give you butterflys to your stomach. Thats all I have for my blog and hope it is really good.                Superman_Ultimate_Flight_at_Six_Flags_Great_America_14