My favorite time with my family

One my favorite and best times for me was going to 6 flags. It was so fun every body loved it. It was the funiest time every had. My hole family went my brothers, sisters, mom, and dad.  My favorite ride was the batman.  you would go under 3 loops I think but my dad was so scared of but we went 4 times in a row because nobody would go on it. My Brothers favorite ride was The Joker, it was not that fun but i was okay. All it was It went really high and went back and forth. It was like the one in adventureland when it keeps going back and forth. My sisters favorite ride was the ninja. It would heart you some times and go really fast. It would go up allot of hills and go done really fast and it would  give you butterflys to your stomach. Thats all I have for my blog and hope it is really good.                Superman_Ultimate_Flight_at_Six_Flags_Great_America_14

Raise Your Voice

Hi my name is Forrest and I am going to talk about bulling. Lots and lots of people get bullied each day and it is hard to stop it. If you get bullied or see some get bulled you should speak up and tell a teacher, adult, family member or any body that is close where that person is getting bullied or you.or you getting bullied. If you are getting bullied each day tell any one just some “hey I am getting bullied and need some help” that’s a line to say to anybody just ask them and they will help. Also do not put yourself in danger and tell anyone. If you get bullied tell some one right a away. just don’t let them do that to you stand and tell anyone you are getting BULLIED. it helps. Make sure when you see or you get bullied tell any one, and now i will be talking about cyber bulling.

If you getting cyber bulling make sure you delete that person and tell someone. If some tells you if that person is getting cyber bulling help that person out and ask what he or she is saying to the person you are talking to. If yo you are getting cyber bulling do not reply back to him or her. show a adult, teacher, any family member and they will handle it them selves. and if they keep replying ask the company for some help and they will blocked that person for good. Also never tell any one your phone number or password to any one, only your close friends if you trust and family members. If someone is threatening you you can tell anyone it is illegal for anyone to do that to you. Alright that is it for my talking about cyber bulling and hope some people can listen to facts.