College Visit

The College I went to was simpsion. It was a pretty bid college and had music and arts. I was not expecting to go here but I do like to draw and do art some times but I am not that good at it and would love to learn more how to draw. The best part of the trip was seeing all of the big buildings and going inside to see what was in them. I might go there for college only for the art and drawing to learn and get better. I saw lots of buildings and not lots of people there though. you need academic courses in high school such as math, science, English, social science, and more. you also need success in arts curriculum and I think in music to. This is my second time visiting a college my first one is here in fort doge. I think it was fun going there and loved every thing we saw there. I don’t now what college to go to but any one that works for me. I will pick when I get bigger. I expect colleges to be more hard and be more challenging. and that’s all i got to say about my college visit.

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