Weekly 2 for website

I have been adding more and more slides to my website. The one I am going to talk about is Snacks after school. They is a lot of choices to eat after school but why just have some popcorn or a sandwich when you could make something even more delicious, like a Apple sandwich. witch is pretty easy to make as well when you cut your apples all you have to add any thing in the middle of them like peanut butter or something like that with like raisins. You could make you favorite kind of trail mix. All you have to put your favorite snacks in one bowl together and trail mix right there. maybe you could put mnms with like peanuts or something like. My last one is going to be nachos. Nachos can be really easy to make, all you need is any kind of chips you like and any kind of cheese you like with it. Then put the cheese put the chips then melt them in a microwave for about one min. then take them out and add any thing you like on them like tacos meat or chopped up onions. That’s all I have for this weekly hoped you enjoyed.

Best Nachos Supreme Recipe- youtube

Best Nachos Supreme Recipe-youtube

Weekly Blog Number one

This week I have been learning more about cooking and baking just by finding new sites. This project is important to because I baked a lot when I was a little kid and still love to cook. My mom and dad told me when we are going to make any thing and I went to them right a way and I did not leave the kitchen tell we were done what ever we were cooking or baking. My favorite thing to cook was tacos for the family, my favorite thing to bake was just a cake or brownies. My goals for this project are get better at cooking or baking and make more and lots of more stuff. I want to cook for my whole family and make them like what I make. My first goal is well cook for my whole family, and also bake any thing for them to. That’s all I have to say for this week.